Michael Pomada

COO, Crabel Capital Management

Michael Pomada Photo 300


Michael Pomada, Chief Operating Officer, graduated in three years from the University of California at Berkeley in 1997 and received his MBA from the University of Southern California with a concentration in investments and statistics.  Mr. Pomada began his career in the Interactive Entertainment industry in Sales and Business Development.  After completing his MBA, Mr. Pomada went to UBS before managing portfolios for Manchester Trading (Niederhoffer) & Coast Asset Management.  Joining Crabel in 2008, Mr. Pomada managed an equity portfolio while assisting in the oversight of Crabel Equity Main strategies.  Starting in late 2009, Mr. Pomada & Mr. Moe led the effort to revamp the firm’s execution processes, infrastructure and algorithmic trading/microstructure research.  Mr. Pomada joined the Executive Committee in June 2010.