New York

Pre-Event Opening Networking Cocktail Reception, Flemings Deluxe Hotel City:
6pm - 8pm, March 27th, 2017.
Battle of the Quants – Frankfurt, Museum Angewandte Kunst: 10am - 8pm
March 28th, 2017.



March 27th 6:00pm-8:00pm: Pre-Event Opening Networking Cocktail Reception, Flemings Deluxe Hotel City
March 28th Battle of the Quants – Frankfurt, Museum Angewandte Kunst
10:00am==Registration and Coffee==
10:30amWelcome and Introduction
Morning MC – Matthias Knab - CEO & Founder, Opalesque
10:35amNew Methods in Conducting Due Diligence on Quantitative Strategies (Finding non-correlation and diversification)

Ranjan Bhaduri, PhD, CFA, CAIA – Chief Research Officer, SIGMA Analysis
11:00amInvesting in Artificial Intelligence Hedge Funds: Assessing Strategies, Separate Hype from Reality, and Make Smart Allocation Decisions

Matthew M. Sandretto - Founder, Portfolio Manager, Greyfeather Capital
11:30pm==Coffee Break==
The 3rd Wave of Wall Street: How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Hedge Fund in the Future!

Matthew Griffin - Futurist, 311 Institute (Think Tank)
12:45pm==Luncheon: Emma Metzler Restaurant==
2:00pmMachine Learning/Big Data Hedge Funds Discuss Successes and Challenges

Moderator: Georgios Ouzounis - Executive Director, Capital Advisory Group, J.P. Morgan
Heiko Zuehlke - Head of Investor Relations, Amplitude Capital International
Maximilian Roos - CIO, Sixty Capital Advisors
Alessandro Di Soccio - Managing Partner, A.I. Machines
Guillaume Vidal - CEO, Walnut Algorithms
Andrej Rusakov - Co-founding Partner, Data Capital Management
2:45pmIt is Not Too Late to Catch the Paradigm Shift: How Discretionary Managers and Quants are Transitioning to Advanced and
Adaptive Quantitative Strategies by leveraging cutting edge ideas.

Steve Weston, PhD - Intel Corporation - Visiting Professor, Imperial College
3:30pmData Panel:
“Smart” and Unique Sources, From IoT Sensors to 24Hour Satellite Feeds, Where is the Future Data Goldmine?

Moderator: Rado Lipus - Founder and CEO, Neudata
Aida Mehonic - Financial Services Lead, ASI Data Science
Peter Hafez - Chief Data Scientist, RavenPack
Holger Knauer - CEO, Catana Capital
4:00pm== Coffee Break ==
4:20pmThe Blockchain’s Impact on Hedge Fund Management

Mona El Isa -Founder, MelonPort
4:50pm“The German Investor Landscape” White Paper:
An Overview which Includes Cultural Expectations, Investor Categorization and the Influence of Changing Regulations

Jan Kleibrink - Senior Economist, Handelsblatt Research Institute
5:15pmInvestor Panel:
The German Institutional Investor Perspective on Quantitative Strategies

Moderator: Bartt C. Kellermann - CEO and Founder, Global Capital Acquisition
Andreas Kalusche - Vorstand, Prime Capital Management
Valentin Bohlaender - Head of Hedge Funds & Quant Analyst, HQ Trust
Dieter Konrad - Head of Quantitative Strategy, Union Investment
Dr. Ulrich Neugebauer - Head of Quant Products, Deka Investment
Alexander Toth - Alternative Investments, Raiffeisen Capital Management
Thomas Kieselstein - CIO, Quoniam Asset Management
6:00pm==Cocktail Reception: MAK Terrace==


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Bartt Kellermann