Danielle Lawson

Head of Marketing and Client Service, Alambic


AJ DeRosa Headshot WebDanielle Lawson Photo 300Affectionately referred to as Alambic’s “talking quant”, Danielle Lawson brings an analytical background and hands-on experience in quant research to Alambic’s marketing and client service functions. Prior to joining Alambic in 2013, Ms. Lawson was the Head of Quant Strategy for Thomson Reuters and a member of the Quantitative Research Team at StarMine (acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2008).  In her capacity with TR/StarMine, Ms. Lawson had the opportunity to consult with over 300 quantitative fund managers employing strategies ranging from quantamental (quant + fundamental analysis) to big data and machine learning.

Alambic’s assets under management have grown from $12m to over $250m since Ms. Lawson joined in 2013.  As information efficiency increases and tolerance for inefficient processes (and bloated overhead) deteriorates, investors across the spectrum from HNW to institutional are developing an appetite for systematic strategies.  Alambic’s “automated equity research” process is well-positioned for investors that have ceased asking if investment managers are “quant or not” and are asking instead, “how quantitative?”

Ms. Lawson received a B.S. and an M.S. in Ocean Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.