Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SPiCE Venture Capital

Ami is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. He was a founder and head of Product and Marketing at, Ki-Bi Mobile [IPO], AladdinSoft (product sold to NASDAQ: MGIC); Founder and CEO of WorkGroup; VP Investment, Magma Venture Fund; SVP Europe and Asia at Oberon media.

A short description of SPiCE Venture Capital:
SPiCE is the first fully compliant (regulation wise) liquid venture capital fund.

SPiCE utilizes the blockchain to reinvent venture capital, making it significantly more attractive for investors, by removing its biggest limitation – the 7-10 years effective lock-up period (illiquidity).

This new powered model introduced by SPiCE, not only allows more investors to grow their fiat and cryptocurrency capital by investing in the future of tech via a VC fund, but also makes these investments more liquid. In fact, we believe that following the SPiCE launch, traditional illiquid VC funds will find it harder and harder to remain competitive without adopting our blockchain model.