Peter Hafez

Chief Data Scientist, RavenPack


AJ DeRosa Headshot WebPeter Hafes 300Peter is an award-winning expert in the field of applied news analytics and has consulted numerous leading trading and investment firms on how to take advantage of news analytics in financial markets.

Peter has more than 15 years of experience in quantitative finance with companies such as Standard & Poor’s, Credit Suisse First Boston, and Saxo Bank. He is a recognized speaker at conferences on behavioral finance and algorithmic trading, and a regular contributor to the blog Peter holds a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance from City University’s Cass Business School along with an undergraduate degree in Economics from Copenhagen University.

About RavenPack: RavenPack is the leading provider of structured data from unstructured content. Our analytics data allows business professionals to systematically incorporate data-driven insights into their decision-making process. Our clients include some of the top corporate and financial institutions in the world.