Alessandro Di Soccio

Managing Partner, AI Machines


AJ DeRosa Headshot WebAlessandro Di Soccio 300Alessandro is a Managing Partner of A.I. Machines, an artificial intelligence technology company with a 7 year history of operating machine learning based investment strategies. He is responsible for the design, development and management of its software engine and of all investment and asset allocation strategies derived from it.

Alessandro has 18 years of systems development, portfolio management and cross asset solutions experience. Previously, he was a Director of Citigroup (proprietary and client capital unit with over $50 billion of unlevered assets under management, 2003-2006), an Associate Director of Asset Alliance (investment firm with $5 billion of assets under management, 2000-2003), and worked in mergers and acquisitions at Ermgassen (M&A advisory firm, 1999-2000).

Alessandro holds a BS and MS degree in Economics from Bologna University’s School of Economics, Management and Statistics.