CEO, CloudQuant

Morgan has over 20 years of experience as a trader, portfolio manager, executive and entrepreneur in
the financial services industry. His current role is CEO of FinTech start-up CloudQuant.com, a cloudbased
investment strategy research tool and incubator and as Head of Global Systematic Trading, for
Kershner Trading Group. Prior to that he has built quantitative trading businesses at some of the world’s
largest Hedge Funds and Investment Banks over the last 20 years. Previously he was Global Head of
Equity Trading at Allston Trading, a major HFT firm, Portfolio Manager in HFT at Citadel, Global Head of
Trading at Penson Financial, Portfolio Manager at Carlson Capital, a multi-strategy hedge fund, and Head
of Statistical Arbitrage at Merrill Lynch. Morgan began his career as a Senior Futures and FX Trader and
then Director of Research for Millburn-Ridgefield a large systematic CTA in New York. Morgan is a
recognized expert in Prediction, Machine Learning, High Frequency Trading, Autonomous Market
Making and is interested in the application of Deep Learning to quantitative trading. Morgan earned a
BS and MS in Materials Science and Engineering with a concentration in Finance from MIT.