Founding Partner and CEO, Trinnacle

Eric (Brazilian, German) is Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Trinnacle. He holds a Master in Finance from IE Business School in Madrid and started his academic career at Eton College in the UK, going on to study at ETH Zurich and TU Munich where he successfully completed his Bachelor in Physics, researching the electrochemical properties of titanium oxy carbide nanotubes in 2011.
After his studies, Eric helped to launch a São-Paulo-based venture capital firm, Bolt Ventures, which operates as an incubator to develop and fund promising Brazilian startups. In Zurich, Eric started the family-held Kohlmann & Co AG to invest in early stage companies, some of which went on to close large follow-on funding rounds with leading international investors. He continues to manage deal flow and look out for investment opportunities. Eric speaks English, German, French and Portuguese.