Battle of the Quants London 2015 – Agenda

Tuesday, October 27th
Welcoming Cocktail Reception, Mayfair
17:30 pm – 20:00 pm

Wednesday, October 28th
Claridge’s Hotel, Mayfair – Battle Event
8:00 am – 20:00 pm

8:00Quantitative Strategy Investor Education Breakfast (Investors Only)
8:00Regulatory Breakfast Briefing, (COOs, CTOs Invitation only)
= MIFID 2II Algo Controls Regulatory Drivers for NexGen Trading =
9:00 === Welcoming, Networking, Coffee and Light Fare ===
10:00MORNING KEYNOTE: Decision Theory and Cognitive Psychology in the Investment Process?
Robert is “an original quant pioneer” according to Cliff Asness. After working for two years as a quantitative analyst in Goldman Sachs' Global Investment Research department, Bob founded GSAM's Global Quantitative Equity Group in 1989. As head of the group, he presided over a business that grew from scratch to over $100B in AUM before retiring from the firm as a partner in 2010. In 2011 he launched System Two Advisors L.P., an investment firm dedicated to applying the latest advances in decision theory to investment management
10:40THE NEW QUANTS: Applying Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Trading
Bridgewater, Point 72, Highbridge, Tudor, are all former discretionary based hedge funds are embarking on new endeavors to build quantitative strategies. Are managers being asked for quantitative solutions from their investors? Perhaps managers are taking notice of the rapid proliferation of big data, deep learning and rapid acceleration of trading technologies and markets. What is driving the investors and how will they make allocation decisions into the quant world?
11:15 === Networking Coffee Break ===
12:00What’s Behind the Recent Performance Divergence in Systematic CTA’s?
Divergence in CTA returns has become increasingly pronounced since 2009. Have CTA Managers found that exclusive dependence on Trend Following
strategies to risky? As ten of the biggest CTAs have moved away from traditional trend following, what add on innovative strategies have CTA’s
embraced? How have the new strategies performed? Are new strategies responding to the effects of systematic trading algorithms? How are investors
with portfolio construction responsibility reacting to the changes made to original strategy allocations?
12:30=== Networking Lunch ===
13:30Trends in Hardware and the Physics Behind Them
Moore’s Law has been incredibly accurate at predicting the timing of the evolutionary development of semi-conductor technology. However, as we approach the physical limitations of matter, how will Moore’s law be impacted? What are the physical limitations on our machines? Why are our architectures the way they are? Given those architectures, how should code be written to achieve high performance? What are the tools that can help? Do we need to start again in new languages?
14:00=== Networking Coffee Break ===
14:30BATTLE: Wall Street vs. Silicon Valley (Innovative Fintech Quant Solutions)
A Seismic shift is taking place in the Global Financial System as Silicon Valley is increasingly eroding the once almighty power of Wall Street. In a March research report from Goldman Sachs, the company estimated seven percent of banks’ annual profits could be at risk from non-banking entities in the next five years. One overarching development is technological evolution of Wall Street and the increased dependence on Quantitative/Systematic/Robotic based systems. These systems depend on new algorithms, big data, fast processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, all of which dovetail into the strengths of Silicon Valley entrepreneurial talents. And Silicon Valley has been busy from Lending Clubs, Robo- Advisors to Mark Andreeson’s RobinHood Trading Platform, all a sign that non-traditional finance industry ideas continues to gain traction. But Wall Street is fighting back, for example, traditional trading firm Bridgewater is building an Artificial Intelligent team around the IBM Watson system and Point 72 has launched Cubist Systematic, a quantitative trading team looking for patterns in Big Data. The Battle in on and tremendous advance in trading and trends will emanate. What will be the big trends? What new trading ideas are being developed? What new capital raising ideas are being formed?
15:00AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: “A Brief Moment on Mars”
Water discovered on Mars! What are the implications as NASA embarks on a series of missions to go back to the Red Planet, culminating in landing a
team of astronauts who will never return? To enable such a bold enterprise extensive exploration of the planet's surface is being conducted by JPL (Jet
Propulsion Lab) built rovers. What have the scientists learned? When is the next Mission? Why go? What are the benefits to Mankind?
15:30=== Networking Coffee Break ===
16:00LIFT - OFF: How Quant Strategies can Protect Your Portfolio from Rising Interest Rates
Investors with exposure to Bonds, Beta and Equities are struggling to move into no-Beta, Market Neutral, Non -Directional strategies (the domain of Quants) to protect returns. How does the investor evaluate the landscape of quant solutions to help them construct the optimal portfolio?
16:30Quantification of the Execution Process and Risk
From the multi-tiered human supply chain of trade execution to Box to Box implementation; how trading has evolved over the last 10 years to improve the efficiencies and alter the client/broker/venue relationships forever. With Bank execution algorithms improving, where is the alpha generated? At the Hedge Fund or the Bank? Who is controlling the risk? As quantitative based trading becomes increasingly sophisticated, what are the new ideas which are being pursued which further enable machines to streamline the work flow at quant funds allowing traders to focus on strategy development
17:00=== Cocktail Reception ===

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