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Benefits of Attending

Hedge Funds

Meet investors interested in allocating to Quantitative Systematic based strategies. Learn about "what's New" in Quant Fund strategies, new opportunities and market forces impacting trading.

Meet Quantitative Systematic based strategies in equities and futures (CTA) based strategies. Hear from the experts and learn about where allocations are generating the highest alpha.
Solution Providers

Meet managers and investors interested in succeeding with the right partners in the hyper competitive hedge fund world. Gain up to date information on trends in the Quant space and where services are needed.

Maximilian H. Kogler receives Battle of the Quants Worldwide Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015

In the wake of its 10 year anniversary Battle of the Quants Worldwide has honored Maximilian H. Kogler in form of a Lifetime Achievement Award for his continuous contributions over the last decade to the world of quantitative finance as well as the Battle of the Quants organization itself. Mr. Kogler has been instrumental in the inception of the Battle of the Quants, and has offered to share his expertise on numerous panels throughout the years, including in the original “Humans vs. Machines” panel in the very first Battle of the Quants conference held at the University Club in New York City on February 2007. He has laid much of the groundwork for what is now considered the preeminent topic amongst quantitative researchers and scientists around the world.

The Battle of the Quants team would like to express its sincerest gratitude to Mr. Kogler for his ongoing contribution to the field and to our endeavor.

Panel participations over the years included:

· BoQ I – New York – University Club – Feb 7th, 2007
· BoQ III – New York – Metropolitan Club – Feb 5th, 2009
· BoQ – New York – Union League Club – March 25th/26th, 2014
· NextGen Conference – New York – Carnegie Hall – Aug 18th/19th, 2015