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Meet investors interested in allocating to Quantitative Systematic based strategies. Learn about "what's New" in Quant Fund strategies, new opportunities and market forces impacting trading.


Meet Quantitative Systematic based strategies in equities and futures (CTA) based strategies. Hear from the experts and learn about where allocations are generating the highest alpha.

Solution Providers

Meet managers and investors interested in succeeding with the right partners in the hyper competitive hedge fund world. Gain up to date information on trends in the Quant space and where services are needed.

Our last event in Frankfurt...


You have done a great job to make this HK battle a success. It has been quite a fulfilling experience for me to be part of it. I look forward to your next HK event in 2013.
Jonah Jiang, Ortus Capital
Thank you very much for the conference yesterday; it was very well organised and attended. Tarun and I both enjoyed it and found it a useful experience.
Thomas Roberts, Head of Sales and Marketing, Octave Investment Management
Great conference. And an excellent job on the panel.
David Beddington, Dacharan Capital
Bartt – Congratulations for hosting and organizing an excellent event! It was a tremendous success! If/when any of you are visiting Chicago, please be sure to let me know. Thanks!
Ranjan Bhaduri PhD CFA CAIA, Chief Research Officer , Sigma Analysis & Management Ltd.