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Benefits of Attending

Hedge Funds

Meet investors interested in allocating to Quantitative Systematic based strategies. Learn about "what's New" in Quant Fund strategies, new opportunities and market forces impacting trading.

Meet Quantitative Systematic based strategies in equities and futures (CTA) based strategies. Hear from the experts and learn about where allocations are generating the highest alpha.
Solution Providers

Meet managers and investors interested in succeeding with the right partners in the hyper competitive hedge fund world. Gain up to date information on trends in the Quant space and where services are needed.

Latest News

Ulrika Robertsson of the Battle of the Quants - Worldwide was recently written up in a popular Swedish magazine. Quoting from the article: "Last year I started at the Battle of the Quants, and I have an entrepreneurial position as COO. We organize global events on quantitative finance and link the "people behind the machines" by introducing quantitative hedge funds to investors". Ulrika has been instrumental in moving the "Battle" to the next level and continuing it's unique leadership position in the quantitative marketplace in Europe, North America and Asia.
Read the Full article here...
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